Bilateral relations

Trade between Sweden and Colombia are still relatively small these days. Sweden exported   merchandise for only 90 million Euros in 2006 and the main products were in telecommunications, electronic tools, paper, industrial products and chemicals.

Sweden imported only 47 million Euro and imports consisted mainly of fruit, coffee and flower products.

There are about 47 Swedish subsidiaries in Colombia and some that may be mentioned are Oriflame Swedtel, Ericsson, ABB, Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, AstraZeneca, Electrolux, Skandia and Tetra Pak.  There are also 25 other Swedish companies that, in one way or another, are represented in Colombia and some of them are Thuk, Tarkett, Scania and Volvo.


  • Sweden, Finland and Israel are countries that invest most in research and development.
  • There are 870 000 companies in the Swedish business sector, where 65% work in the service  sector, 20% in the agriculture and just 15% into the industry.
  • ¾ of Swedish companies do not have employees and the average in Swedish firm has 17 employees.
  • The principal export products for Sweden are industrial products (such as machinery, vehicles and tools in telecommunications), forest products, iron, steel, minerals, and pharmaceuticals. The majority of Swedish export is to the United States, Germany, Norway, Britain and Denmark.
  • Sweden imports tools for electronics and telecommunication, industrial machinery, cars, oil, iron, steel, food and drinks. The majority of the imported products are from countries like Germany, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and Britain.