Investing in Sweden

Sweden is quickly becoming a top place in order to do business, on a world scale. It has naturally become a leading supplier of innovative solutions, mainly due to its open minded culture and willingness to accept new change and technologies. Sweden is also part of the EU, which gains you direct access into the world’s largest free trade market, 27 countries and 500 million people. Sweden is a top player in the world market due to its skilled professionals that belong to international companies. Sweden also provides a prime location in Northern Europe in which to do business in, centralized in Scandinavia.

Working conditions in Sweden remain as some of the best in Europe and thus are thought to capitalize on innovation and growth. The government of Sweden invests a high amount into post secondary education and therefore produces a more dynamic and university completed workforce. Sweden also outperforms any European country in terms of infrastructure and this high quality is derived from the countries need to adapt to its cold winters and warm summers.

Sweden also stands as one of the most competitive locations for corporate taxation in Europe and living and working in Sweden means being part of a well-functioning society and dynamic environment.

Sweden hosts one of the most internationalized economies and continues to rank in the top ten in these various areas of business:

-          Third in the Global Competitive Report

-          Second in the world’s most innovative countries (published by Insead, Paris)

-          Stockholm is the world’s leader in health, innovation and security (PwC NYC)

-          Sweden ranked in the top as most respected nation, along with Canada and Switzerland

Investment in Sweden is on an upward curve and its economy remains the most competitive as measured by the EU’s competition benchmark. The possibilities for Sweden are endless and Investing in Sweden is at a high.

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