Business Opportunities

This space is dedicated by the Chamber in order to ensure that our members receive information about current procurement and business opportunities from our members, Swedish companies and the Swedish government in order to contribute to developing commercial relationships between Colombia and Sweden.

Procurement Opportunities in Sweden (Page in Swedish)

Companies interested in importing Colombian products, please contact Proexport Office in Frankfurt.

Fürstenbergerstr. 223
60323 Frankfurt am Main
Phone:+49 69 13023832
Fax:+49 69 13024719


Before entering a new market, you need an understanding of it:
- What rules and regulations apply?
- What distribution channels are used?
- What are the consumption patterns and market trends?

The following organizartion offers that information through a large number of sector specific guides!

You may also check The Swedish Chambers which  offers general information about the Swedish market in “Exporting to Sweden” and publications such as “From Contact to Contract”.



For more information or advice on trade and business climate, feel free to contact us.