The intention of the Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce is to attract talented individuals with interest and knowledge in Colombia and Sweden and an international environment, with proficiency in Spanish, Swedish and English, who could help us with administrative work, such as coordination of seminars, social events, and other activities.  The traineeship is not remunerated. Interested in traineeship? We are looking for a Trainee Summer and Fall 2012. Contact us.

Trainee Spring 2012:

Jonathan Puentes
Jonathan Puentes is a Business Administrator professional with a Master in Strategy and Management in International Organizations. Throughout his career, Jonathan, has built up an international profile reflected in his education at the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia. Followed by his first internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, USA; his second internship at Gulf Agency Co. in Cairo Egypt, and finally his Masters studies at Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden.
Jonathan has begun his Traineeship in the middle of February and aims to increase the Chamber of Commerce awareness and participation creating a solid network where Swedish and Colombian companies have the ability to engage in constructive and relevant activities.  “I have a great sense of humor and a positive attitude towards helping people. The opportunity of being in the Chamber of Commerce is greatly appreciated, due to how much I care for Colombia and Sweden.
Trainee Supervisor: José Namén

Former Trainees Fall 2011:

Jonas Johansson
Our newest intern comes to us from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in the Netherlands and is now currently in his fourth year of the International Business and Languages program and as such, will intern with the SCCC for the 2011-2012 period as a mandatory part of his program before writing his thesis and completing his degree. Before coming to Amsterdam and more recently Stockholm, Jonas was attending school in Vancouver, Canada and focused his studies towards a minor in Latin American Trade and Relations, more focused on the North American market. Jonas will be completing a 20 week traineeship and his focus will be mainly dealing with project management for events planning and coordination as well as research development which will assist the chamber and members of the board with many areas of business optimization and networking. In addition to the chamber, Jonas will also be working in partnership with the Embassy and assisting with various administrative tasks. “I am extremely excited at the opportunity to be working at the Embassy and being a link between itself and the chamber, I feel that it will be a truly rewarding experience and look forward to learning in which way I can be mutually beneficial for all. I will apply the knowledge that I have learned and gain experience in working with a truly diverse group of people.”

Trainees Spring 2011:

Lesly González
Student at Creative Service Leadership School in Malmö and since October 2010 Lesly has, as a part of her studies, done two traineeship periods in the SCCC.  Lesly’s main functions have been to organize the administrative parts as well as planning of events and activities within the organization. The work involves working with experienced individuals sitting in the Board and in the honorary member’s direction of the chamber. The time before Sweden Lesly has studied law in Guatemala and at the same time worked for the United Nations with a government program supporting people that have suffered from the civil war.
“It has been an enriching experience being here at the Chamber, especially for the interesting and varied tasks that I have worked with and also for the big opportunity to expand my professional relations”, says Lesly about her own traineeship.
Trainee Supervisor: Lars-Erik Alm

Xiomara Romero
Public Relations Student at the University of Örebro and recent member of the Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce, Xiomara joined us as Trainee since the beginning of May 2011. Her traineeship period covers 5-weeks and the main purpose is to contribute with ideas, actions and activities regarding our media and communication efforts, update some of the sections in our homepage and help us to reach out current and future members, among other tasks.
Trainee Supervisor: José Namén

Carlos Gutiérrez
A master of science in Engineering and of Education student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH). Carlos is currently conducting his degree project in collaboration with KTH, Stockholm University (SU) and the Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce (SCCC).

The master thesis will investigate potential business opportunities in Colombia for Swedish clean-tech companies in the renewable energy sector. The main objective is to examine how the SCCC can develop/create linkage and cross-sectoral partnership between Swedish and Colombian stakeholders in the renewable energy sector.  The thesis will also investigate how to create a strategy for effective intercultural business communication between Colombian and Swedish stakeholders. The thesis intends to serve as guidance and competence development for the SCCC organization in their work of improving and promoting commercial and industrial relations between Colombia and Sweden in the Clean-tech sector.
Trainee Supervisor: Lars-Erik Alm

If you are interested in getting more information about our traineeship,  contact Lesly González, Xiomara Romero or Carlos Gutiérrez, use the form available on contact us.

Former Trainees:

2007: Otto Elger