Former Trainees: Otto Elger (2007)

Being a student of Management Engineering at the School of Engineering of Antioquia (Medellín, Colombia), has awaken in me an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in international commerce. The past four months, working as an intern at the Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce has been a great opportunity to apply all that academic knowledge I have gained during my studying years.

The main reason why I chose to come to Sweden in the first place was “to get in touch with my roots”. I am a Swedish citizen on behalf of my grandfather, but I had lived all my life in Colombia.

I came during fall semester 2006 to study in Jönköping and discovered a very interesting culture, with much to learn from. It took only six months for me to come back, this time to work with CCCS.

The focus of my work with CCCS was doing market research and studying the feasibility of exporting tropical flowers from Colombia into the Swedish market. The results were interesting and somehow surprising. Strategies were proposed in the report to approach the market conditions in the right way.

Stockholm is a beautiful city with much to do, but finding a place is not easy. Before coming to Stockholm I contacted a couple of people who were renting their apartments over the internet, and after visiting a few of them I chose a room in a student house. Living in a student house is a great way to meet different and interesting people, and it was so much calmer then what I expected.

I personally believe that CCCS plays a very important role in building commercial relations between Sweden and Colombia and it has been remarkable to be part of that mission.