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Interesting and connecting After Work

During the exciting evening on the 16th of February at the Colombian Embassy, the latest Thursday After Work focused in sharing exciting ideas and interesting stories from our participants, related to the ongoing and future trade between Colombia and Sweden. The eight participants who attended the event represented entrepreneurs, business owners, board directors and individuals who were highly interested in knowing more about Colombia and Sweden.

The main topic discussed related to the ability to increase the awareness of investment opportunities in both countries, more specifically, the possibility of showing examples of Swedish companies established in Colombia, as well as the opportunity that Colombia has, in terms of exporting products based on the product’s social impact in the country. The purposes of these ideas relies on setting examples and assistance for small and medium enterprises,  by knowing that is possible to invest in both countries.

Our next After Work will be held on the third week of March, on the 15th. Be sure to come and join us to talk more about exciting opportunities and the formation of new ideas that will increase the trade and awareness between both Colombia and Sweden.

October Thursday after work

Thursday after work attendees at the Scandic Anglais

Our monthly Thursday after work took place on the 20th of October and was held at the Scandic Anglais. This particular after work brought out not only members and members of the board, but also some new faces. The after work is not only open to members, but anyone who has an interest in commerce between Sweden and Colombia. Our next after work will take place in January 19th as our commemoration and Christmas cocktail will be taking place.Thursday after work attendees at the Scandic Anglais

End of summer SCCC Thursday after work

Members of the Board Ms. Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger, Mr. Jan Örhvall and Mr. Harald Molander

This month’s Thursday after work was again held at the Scandic Anglais and was a great opportunity for our members as well as members of the board to meet up and participate in discussions in regards to personal business and just to get re aquainted with fellow members after the summer season.

This month’s after work also brought out our new intern from Amsterdam who also gave his outtake on the after work and what he thought of our ideas. “I thought that the after work was a great idea, first and foremost, it really gave me the chance at meeting the members, but also to get a better insight on what I would be doing here at the Chamber for my up coming internship.” “It was great to hear from various members and got me thinking how I will be able to assist in developing ideas for my term here in Stockholm, I am very excited at this opportunity.”