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Web Seminar about Hydropower Colombia

The Web Seminar about Hydropower Colombia took place on March 23 between 3pm – 5 pm, Swedish time. Its purpose was to give the participants insight in the hydropower market in Colombia – about projects in the pipe, clients, tender procedures, useful contacts etc. – shortly, the participants received useful information for possible future business with Colombia. It  was also possible to ask questions.

The participation was free of charge and there were attendants from Sweden, Colombia, Denmark, among others. Lars-Erik Alm, from The Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm, was behind the seminar  in collaboration with a competent team from Estudios Técnicos (Bogotá).

The recorded presentation is available on https://evershedssodermark.webex.com/evershedssodermark/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=179932&rKey=0A506382EA1CCE7B