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Interview with members

During her short traineeship, Ms. Xiomara Romero, on behalf of SCCC, managed to meet and talk with two members in order to hear about their thoughts and experiences with the Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce. They were Mr. Anders Larsson, CEO at Programmeringsbolaget and Mrs. Maria Eugenia Quiroga, Consultant and Co-owner at Ekman & Quiroga International Consulting AB.

Mr. Anders Larsson, Programmeringsbolaget

Mr. Larsson was, among others, one of the founders of the Chamber back in 2006. He described the idea for the creation as an interesting way to help and facilitate connections and trade between Sweden and Colombia, also as a very good start for having a closer relation between both countries. Mr. Larsson has until now, through the Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce, managed to establish contact with other members, embassies and institutions, e.g. the Colombo-Nordic Chamber of Commerce (Bogota) that has an incredibly large list of members, not only in Colombia but also all over Europe. Mr. Larsson pointed the frequency and dynamism of activities in the Chamber as a very fundamental key factor.

Foto: Ekman & Quiroga International Consulting

Mrs. Maria Eugenia Quiroga talked to us about her plans and projections for Ekman & Quiroga International Consulting AB.  Mrs. Quiroga considers SCCC as a door opener that can facilitate and introduce business and clients into the Colombian market. She is at the moment very active in the field of export, and as well as Mr. Larsson, Mrs. Quiroga considers the range of activities for the members in the chamber to be very important for creating business opportunities, both in Sweden and abroad. Mrs. Quiroga commented also about the personal and business benefits and support she has received during her membership at the Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and hopes it continues to grow and develop into something very successful.

At the Chamber, we look forward to continuing to meet and talk closely with our other members.

Introduction of the New Board and Christmas Cocktail

The Executive Board of the Swedish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce
invited current private and corporate members, future possible members, personnel at the Colombian Embassy and Representatives from other institutions to participate in the Introduction of the New Board and Christmas Cocktail. This event took place at the Embassy of Colombia, in Stockholm, last Friday 17th of December.

Members of the Board: Lars-Erik Alm and His Excellency Mr. Rafael Nieto, Ambassador of Colombia to Sweden.

Members: Luisa Hugosson together with Eugenia Quiroga, from Ekman & Quiroga International Consulting.

Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger, one of the Founders of the Chamber, Patricia Klein, from the Embassy of Colombia and His Excellency Mr. Rafael Nieto, Ambassador of Colombia to Sweden.

Some of the guests and members.

Roberto Mora, from the Embassy of Colombia and Alfred Svensson, one of the Founders of the Chamber.