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Stockholm recommended as a destination for 2012 in “El Tiempo”

Stockholm was recommended as a destination for 2012 in the newspaper El Tiempo. The Swedish capital is described as friendly, cosmopolitan and picturesque. From a list of recommended destinations for 2012, compiled by travel guide Lonely Planet, the newspaper El Tiempo, the largest newspaper in Colombia, chose five cities. According to El Tiempo, in Stockholm people can visit the sites of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, as well as designer boutiques and bohemian bars. As with cities like London and Santiago de Chile, says the magazine, Stockholm is a destination not to be missed in 2012.

Article translated from Spanish to English and found on: http://www.swedenabroad.com/News____77507.aspx?slaveid=134966

Swedish Ambassador to Colombia presented with award

The Deputy Foreign Minister congratulates Monica Lanzetta Ambassador of Sweden, Lena Nordström.

The former Swedish Ambassador to Colombia, Lena Nordström, was awarded the Order of San Carlos by the Vice Chancellor Monica Lanzetta Mutis, for her contribution to the impulse of a positive agenda of the country from the deepening of the traditional topics of the bilateral agenda and the foray into new themes aimed at strengthening bilateral relations.

The federal government acknowledges the leadership of the ambassador Nordström management in the country.

Article was translated from Spanish to English on December 2nd, 2011
Source: http://www.cancilleria.gov.co/news/news/node/877

A step towards peace in Colombia

President Santos along with the Ambassador of Sweden, Marie Andersson de Frutos opened on Friday 11 November, the first office to the public from the land restitution unit. This office has been funded in Sweden.
As a step towards peace in Colombia, said the President, means the establishment of this Unit. It is a concrete step towards implementing the recently approved law on victims and restitution. It is a concrete step towards the reparation of victims of plunder and a priority for the government. The President thanked the Ambassador of Sweden and the former Ambassador, Lena Nordström, for commitment to Colombia in search of peace.

Article translated from Spanish to English on November 15th, 2011