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Workshop on Tourism in Colombia

In order to raise the interest for tourism industry in Colombia, the Colombian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce organized a workshop targeted primarily to travels agents and travel reporters.

Thirty agents and travel providers assisted to Fredsgatan 12 Restaurant, in central Stockholm, on September 2, 2009. They enjoyed a tasty lunch while Gunnar Ohrlander, who is a journalist, shared his experiences from his travels in Colombia.

Lars-Erik Alm took the time and talked about his own experience such as what it is like to live and work as a Swede in Colombia, how the ColombianĀ“s work ethic looks like and how we can cope with security these days, which has improved significantly in the last years. Lars-Erik Alm is chairman of Skanska International AB and former project manager for a project in Colombia, and he is also a board member of the Colombian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The next speaker was Patrick Enste from Luxury Travel, one of the major operators along the coast between Santa Marta and Cartagena. He is from Germany and he has lived in Cartagena for several years. Mr. Enste delivered a strong positive publicity of Colombia in general and, in particular, as a perfect host country for tour operators in general.

Gerald Amoudruz, from Air France, closed the lunch by talking about the air links between Sweden and Colombia.

The guests became aware of the multifaceted Colombia, which offers a significantly calmer and safer tourism than what the rumors normally speak of.